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Yanomamo Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on February 23, 2013
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​The religious beliefs of the Yanomamo are quite complex.   According to wise men, there are four levels of reality.   Through them, they believe that thing tend to fall or descend downward to a lower layer is demonstrated.   The uppermost layer of the four is thought to be “pristine” and “tender”.   “It is called duku ka misi” and the Yanomamo believe that many things originated in this area.   This layer does not play much role in the everyday life of the Yanomamo but it is considered to be there once having some vague function.   The next layer is called “hedu ka misi” and is known as the sky layer.   The top surface is supposedly invisible, but is believed to be similar to earth.   It has tress, gardens, villages, animals, plants and most importantly, the souls of the decreased.   These souls are said to be similar to mortals because they garden, eat and sleep.   Everything that exists on earth is said to have a counterpart on this level.   The bottom surface of the layer is said to be what is actually on earth.   This layer is called “hei ka misi”.   It was created when a chuck of the hedu broke off and fell down.   Finally, there is a surface below “this layer” which is formally called “hei ta bebi”, which the Yanomamo say is almost barren.   They believe a variant of Yanomamo live there.   These people originated a long time ago when a piece of hedu broke off and crashed down to the layer creating a hole and eventually falling through to become its own layer.

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