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Zero Drug Tolerance Essay

  • Submitted by: nguyenq55
  • on February 23, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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A Man through his son’s addiction
Did you know there are more than twenty thousand Americans that die each year of drug overdoses? The War on Drugs have been a constant struggle in our economy and I believe by adopting a stricter and more concentrated policy on drugs, such as enforcing a strict law on the transport of illicit drugs through our American borders, and also funding our sick Americans to rehab, we can overcome this dreadful fight on drugs. Not only will a stricter policy benefit our economy by less drug users, but also adopting a different approach on housing drug abusers: can help reduce our citizens on the streets, decrease the rate of inmates, and eliminate suffrage in our communities.
Although, one might say the U.S. government already enacts a strict enforcement on drug trafficking by sentencing jail time and heavy fines. If this is true, why is it that drug overdoses will soon surpass automobile accidents as the leading cause of non-natural deaths? And by putting drug offenders in jail will not solve our drug addiction problem but only increase our inmates and decrease the opportunity to help drug users fulfill a happy and healthy life.   If America can adopt a new approach on handling drug trafficking and it’s abusers, we can defeat the War on Drugs.
Sheff’s novel Beautiful Boy is about his journey through his son’s drug and alcohol addiction. Sheff had described the grueling moments of his son’s frequent disappearances and the devastating relapses. According to Sheff, “Users can get their drug of choice whenever, and wherever they want. Yet in spite of these facts, the federal government boasts that we’re making progress. Statistics are manipulated, misused, and ignored to mask the fact that we’re playing a zero-sum game, because addicts, unless treated, will find drugs.” It is true that drug abusers can find their fix anywhere at any time. In Sheff’s Beautiful Boy, it is a constant struggle for his son Nic to check in and out of rehab...

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